I see you over there

I see you over there

Written by: Nadrah

I see you over there.

Handing flowers and smiles to passerbys, who might not even take notice of you but instead, hurriedly rush onto the next stop. A meeting, a social chat, whatever it may be that kept them distracted about the next destination, but never really mindful of the journey.

But of course, you didn’t even want or need their attention in the first place. You just wanted to give, the way that you would on any other day. Rain or shine.

You continued on.

But I felt it.

The weight that was piling at the back of your mind. The one that secretly slipped out from the depths of your heart to your smiling eyes.

It came in forms of selflessness and resilience.

For you know the meanings of hardships and heavy hearts like the back of your hand. But you did not flinch not even for an inch.

You give, because you know at heart how heavy life can be. Because you know how much of a comfort kind words can mean. You value reflections of love that were shown onto you.

This is enough for you to pay them forward. Regardless of how nasty the world can be.

I see you, over there. Because even if you’re carrying it well, this does not mean that you too, are not struggling.

Love and light, Nadrah.

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