I See You

I See You

Written by: Abeeda


People: They look at you and see the smiles; they see your happiness and your ability to fill rooms with contagious laughter. Nothing fazes you, or so it would seem.

That’s what people see.

When I look at you, I see past the superficial, beyond the vibrance of the smile you wear–I can hear the cracks in your perfect laughter.

I see you.

Your soul is a mosaic, beautifully formed, with a golden heart as its most central piece. But you’re tired of this place.

It becomes easier to pretend than to have to explain how empty you feel to ears that know no empathy. So you mask the pain with layers of pretence because nothing hurts more than to entrust your sorrows to another, only to find them completely ignored.

So you wear that smile, and share that laugh, and people believe the perfection you portray.

Past it all, I see the true beauty that you hide. I see you, real and raw, and I hope one day you find that soul who honors you enough to unravel your layers and remain enchanted by your radiance.




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