I wrote this for you.

I wrote this for you.

Written by: Chereen


Sensitivity is so beautiful, and I pray to God that your softness is always preserved.

Because we live in a world that doesn’t always understand, and sympathy only goes so far before people walk away from helping someone stand when they need support the most.

This empathy that you carry in the depth of your heart, the one that’s the soundtrack of your soul, is the very same empathy that changes lives.

You come and you genuinely care to stick around. You teach with love and dedication and passion and appreciation.

They say there’s more to people than meets the eye. You come into peoples lives and prove this thought to be so true.

I pray to God you never change, and if you do, then this change is only for the better.

Your sensitivity and caring nature is valuable. I pray that the wonderful soul you bless everyone with you come across is always preserved.


Dedicated to @amxciv

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