Written by: Kazima

Often times when I find myself burned out or lost for direction, I sit quietly and listen. Not for the silence of course, because if you have kids like mine silence is the last thing you’ll get in the house. But their chattering is exactly what I need.

I sit quietly and listen to my children talk. Because it’s in their innocence that I find the most hope.

Many times, I hear them telling each other to pretend. “Pretend I’m the doctor and you’re the patient.” “Pretend I’m your Mama and you’re my baby.” “Pretend you need help, and I come to rescue you.”

And just like that amidst the pretending these little souls start to believe. By imagining the impossible they make it possible. No limiting beliefs. No negative self-talk. Just pure positivity and faith.

Where did we go wrong as adults overcomplicating our lives? What if it was that easy for us? What if we could simply pretend our desires until they became true?

But maybe we could. Maybe all we have to do is imagine until we believe.

Imagine that I was happy. Imagine that I am happy. Maybe I am happy.

Imagine that everything was okay. Imagine that everything is okay.

Everything IS going to be ok.



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