Written by: Abeeda

The meeting of souls is something that is never inconsequential.

You know those moments when you meet someone, completely unknown to you before, but their mere presence makes you feel like your heart has found another lost piece; and so, bringing it peace.

These souls can be friends for life or just passing people who serve their purpose and leave you with the longing to be with them again, but this time, eternally.

And just as we meet souls that bring ease with them, we come to know souls that instantly cause us distress.

You know those types; despite your pleasant demeanor you feel your heart growing unsettled, and there being a soft whisper from within – “peace be with them, but do not let them too close”.

Both types are a beautiful sign of our pre-existence; a reminder that we once knew some souls more closely than others. And through His love and His mercy, He reunited us once again, and we hope He will return us together once more.



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