Inner Beauty

Inner Beauty


i keep this heart of mine
sheltered behind walls of a rose,
but it is not my wish to be
known for her petals, no –
i desire to soak myself in her scent within.

i mean
i ache for a beauty
only my Beloved is aware about,
an inner sweetness
that transcends
up to the seventh heaven
without a single eye seeing.

that when i walk outside on a cloudy day,
the sky would blush at my sight
and instead of rain
tear up in rose water.

that when i inhale the earth’s faint breeze
i would give it something back
by leaving some of my fragrance
with every breathe i take.

and that when the time comes
my soul leave to Him,
i would be remembered
by my goodness and gratitude,
my kindness and patience
in such a way

that even the angels
would like to dip their wings
into my perfume.

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