Into your heart

Into your heart

Written by: Chereen

You said you had enough, and so you unlocked your heart and let people out. They were leaving, weren’t they? The pain of seeing more people go had you wanting to vacate the inhabitants of your heart.

They could go, but they could not come in anymore. And so, the process of “cleansing” began. You wanted a light and airy heart, and you believed it came with distancing yourself from all of mankind.

You felt great, for a moment or two. But then the pangs of emptiness began to kick in. The hunger of loneliness caused a pain that was too difficult not to feel. An empty heart would never do you any good. So, you searched for answers that would help you.

Who would you let into your heart? You asked yourself repeatedly. You wondered and pondered and hummed and reflected, until you thought so much you fell asleep.

You have been hurt so many times by people you thought were good for your heart and mind. They left it cluttered and disappeared. You did not want that again, your heart uttered on repeat. But you did want people that were good for you. You wanted to live and love and experience happiness anew.

So, you let God in.

After all, He created your heart. You started from scratch and allowed God in the deepest crevices in your heart. The risk of letting people in soon became a bit easier. It was a risk, but it was nothing you could not overcome. And if they let you down, they were only guests that were once welcome.

You were okay, and you would be okay. And if there was ever a moment where you did not feel alright, you knew who to turn to for love. This was a beautiful opportunity to never feel empty or numb.

Your heart, my dear. It belongs to God. My dear, that happy ending can also be a happy beginning and a happy middle if He is by your side. It might be easier said than done, but there’s beauty and worth in striving.

Nothing could break your heart apart as long as He remains your number one love.


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