It’s the thought that counts

It’s the thought that counts

Written by: Khadeja

It starts with a comment. An observation, statement, or personal opinion. Coming from a close friend, family member, or even an acquaintance. Perhaps it was something that you didn’t really like to hear but decided to take the high road and brush it off. You have decided that you are too mature and too self-aware to get yourself bothered by such a silly comment. You have done so much work on yourself that his is beneath you. You have so many techniques in your toolbox; you ask yourself

“will this matter in 5 years?” the answer is, of course not.

Fast forward 24 hours and you are engrossed – well you’re SUPPOSED to be engrossed – in the middle of a pilates class. You are on the mat following the instructor’s prompts when suddenly…

That comment from yesterday comes floating into your mind. The appearance is very subtle to the point that you have no fighting chance to stop it. By the time you realize it’s there; it’s too late. Now if you have managed to ‘master’ your mind and you are able to shake things off then you can easily shake your head and move your focus back to the plan you are in the middle of.

However, if your mind has evolved into an overworking beast throughout the years then the following will most likely occur:

–          Why did he/she say that?

–          What does he/she mean by that?

–          That must mean that he/she thinks that I’m x-y-z.

–          Maybe I am x-y-z?

–          My life is awful.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen all the above can happen in a span of a minute….10 seconds if you are in your third decade of life.

Amongst all of this, is a low soft voice reassuring you that it’s all going to be ok. That what was said is JUST a comment and that you should not allow it to take up any more space than it already has. That voice is there, constantly; but it isn’t loud enough in its natural state. In some cases, that voice needs to be dressed up like big bird, given a microphone, and a neon spotlight for the mind to be able to shift focus from the tornado of thoughts to the bird with the mic.

Give that voice a chance…. most of the time it is making perfect sense.



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