Journey Towards God: His Justice

Journey Towards God: His Justice

Written by: Abeeda


Many of us struggle to understand the existence of God in a life that is filled with injustice, yet we often overlook our own role in this paradigm.

We are creatures that have been blessed with the freedom to choose, to make decisions that guide the direction of our lives and, ultimately, our principles.

So, what if I was to suggest that injustice is the result of our actions, and not a means of negating God? In fact, it could well be a perfect reminder of His Existence.

When we look within ourselves with honesty and self-reflection, our hearts recognize that there have been times when we could not see the good in others in questionable circumstances. We often give the best of what we have to ourselves, and feel fearful of sharing that with others, because we may lose some blessings along the way.

These actions, when analyzed, form imbalanced situations where better treatment is skewed towards ourselves over others, and this is where (small) injustices begin to creep in.

God has promised that He will always deal with us in fairness. He will reward us for every good that we do, and even for any bad that we stop ourselves from falling into. How then, can we place injustice in His Hands?

God is Al-Hakam, the Most Supreme of Judges, and our inability to rise to that level of justice merely reminds us of His Perfection; awing us with His Majesty.

Just as God allows things to unravel at their most perfect time, we too, must remind ourselves that every action of ours will be accounted for, and the balances will be equalized, and there will be none amongst us who will be unfairly treated.

The time for perfect Justice is promised. That is how we face the path that lies before us that will help determine how we will endure the inevitable.



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