Just a bit of magic

Just a bit of magic

Written by: Khadeja

‘Be optimistic’

The number one piece of advice that is given in the face of adversity. Optimism may come naturally to some, whilst others need to work a bit harder on it. Sometimes we must ‘decide’ to be optimistic, it takes a lot of work to see the bright side of things and to hope for a better tomorrow.

But other times you realize that you are being optimistic without even realizing it. We make plans for a vacation that we hope to take in a year’s time. We go as far as purchasing concert tickets well in advance assuming that everything will go as planned.

You reach for your sunglasses on your way out to work even though the sky is grey and gloomy but in the depths of yourself you truly believe that the sun will shine. And when an hour passes, and the sun actually does shine, and you end up wearing the sunglasses that were brought ‘just in case’ it all feels magical.

That is what optimism brings to the daily routine of life; a little bit of sparkle and magic.


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