Keeping up the Pretense

Keeping up the Pretense

Written by: Abeeda


It’s hard when you have to pretend: Pretend that the smile reflects your inner state, pretend that you are coping, when internally, you feel utterly broken. Pretend that life is how you want it to be, when in actuality, you have long lost your way.

The strength and energy needed to maintain this pretense causes you to suffer under constat strain.

Wouldn’t life be easier if it was safe to simply be our true selves?

Why must we judge those who own their struggles and embrace them as part of their being? Why must we cause others to doubt their worth,  simply because we have not walked their unique path?

To be safe in the most vulnerable version of ourselves requires us to do two things:

  1. To not judge others when they reveal their vulnerabilities. Instead, we must hold them closer and help them feel safe.
  2. To have the courage to lower our guard around those who have earned the honor of knowing our truest and most beautiful, vulnerable selves.

There has never been a more appropriate statement than, “Be the change you wish to see.” If we want to be seen by the world without constant judgement and scrutiny, we need to reflect upon our own perspective, and question whether we have adjusted our focus to let go of eyes that judge and scrutinize too.

Take steps towards that change today. Drop the pretense.



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  1. Sherazia on October 31, 2017 at 6:28 pm

    Yet again, another absolutely awesome and inspirational piece of writing. Love it. Excellent advice and so much wisdom in this. Thank you.

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