Kitchen Musing

Kitchen Musing

Written by: Khadeja

On weeks where I’m on top of things my approach to meal planning is borderline militant. Recipes are selected, the fridge and pantry are scanned, and the missing components are purchased. Or I just rely on recipe box services- which have been a life saver.

But sometimes – a lot of the time – those options aren’t available to me, usually due to a hectic work week. In those moments I just wing it; basically, working with whatever I have on hand to create a meal.

And so is life…

We are each dealt a set of circumstances (kitchen equipment) and a set of skills (ingredients). One person may be lucky enough to have truffles in their pantry, whilst their neighbor might only have portobello mushrooms (both delicious!). Perhaps one might have the latest and greatest appliance, whilst the other doesn’t have the space in their kitchen so they just opt to do their tasks manually (and they might even prefer it this way).

If we just focused on our own ingredients and our own equipment, our creativity would be limitless. But when you focus more on your neighbor and what they have, well…you will end up starving.


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