Knowing God

Knowing God

Written by: Abeeda


God knows our very nature. He knows that we will fall into complacency and let this life carry us in its own direction, and He knows we will flow with it, carefree and content.

As is the way with life, the winds change quickly. Even though we were once content, we find ourselves facing a turbulence of emotions.

So why do we find ourselves forgetting God, when we know our survival is impossible without Him?

I have thought about this a lot of late, and from my own perspective, I feel we over-complicate God’s presence in our lives, and so we fail to see Him around us, in every single detail.

What do I mean by this?

Have you ever enjoyed a beautiful sunset and just been awed by the crimson strokes the sun’s descent paints across the sky? Your eyes are captivated, and the beauty hypnotizes you. This one incident is just a tiny fragment of God’s beauty – His demonstration for us, so we may ponder over just how much more beauty lies ahead.

If I was to say to you that God is Al-Jameel, the One from whom all beauty is derived, would you begin to understand how God is truly in every detail of our lives? The beauty we recognize in others, in places, in foods, in words, in anything and everything–it has all come from Him.

Welcome, fellow traveler, to our journey of knowing God in ways we never thought possible.



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