Like A Traveller.

Like A Traveller.

Written by:  Nadrah


Recently, I have been traveling quite a lot for both work and leisure.

The thing about traveling for me is that I can never travel light. It has always been a problem. Packing and unpacking is the most tedious part of traveling.

And you know what they say: It’s not the destination, but the journey. Unfortunately, packing is part of the journey.

When packing to migrate to a different country years ago, I packed literally almost my entire room. And that’s the thing about being sentimental.

We often take more than we can handle, collecting new mementos while at the same time carrying old memories and past lives with us.

We easily and hastily attach our hearts to that something, somewhere, and someone that are dear to us.

And we allow those things to define our sense of self.

We allow ourselves to be consumed by revisited heartbreaks that we should have outgrown.

We cage ourselves, thinking we are not able to move forward freely.

We get too comfortable, not wanting to let go.

We grow to be well acquainted with our little cage, and we forget the bigger world out there.

What we fail to forget is:


Sometimes, we just need to let go a little so we can move forward.

We need to remember that what  truly defines us is our character. And that our effort matters.

That our sense of selves will fall in place as soon as we detach our hearts.

That the more we attempt to control our hearts, the more we need to just let go so it can soar.

So live. And pack light.


Love & Light,




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