Written by: Abeeda


Sometimes, I catch a glimpse of myself — a smiling face, familiar in many ways, but somehow, altogether alien.

I faintly remember that girl and who she was, everything she hoped to be. But now, I can see there’s a sadness that rests behind her eyes. You just need to look a bit closer to appreciate that all is not what it seems.

I don’t know how I became so lost, how my feet wandered so far off the well-worn path. But here I am, withered by life’s turmoil but defiant nonetheless.

Despite the pains that have torn me down, there are embers of resilience that still glow in the depths of my soul. I cannot simply sit back and allow my life to slip away; there is too much purpose that remains to be discovered.

No matter what I have lost along the way, I still have the capacity to give, to try and make this moment better for someone else who has come to find themselves lost.




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