Love is Listening

Love is Listening

Written by Amina Kausar 

According to Paul Tillich, “Love is Listening.”

Listening is an act of love often ignored.

It goes beyond simply hearing the words that one utters. It’s a beautiful amalgamation of paying attention, making one feel acknowledged, making one feel feel valued and even understanding the words left unsaid. 

In any relationship, listening can be the game-changer. Without being quick to judge or comment, it’s crucial to absorb what another has to say, to listen to their heart and to listen to their eyes. Only then can we carefully discover the silent stories tucked away in the corners.

The world claims to be well connected now more than ever. And still here we are, deep in our hearts waiting for someone to hear us out. 

Here I am inviting you my dear, to be a Listener.

To Listen to love.

To Listen with love.

After all, love is Listening.

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