Love That Lasts

Love That Lasts

Written by: Khadeja


Love takes many forms and manifests in different ways as time goes by. The only love that remains constant is the love you have for your parents and family. You may not like your family members from time to time–especially when your life gets dissected by them during family gatherings–but deep down you still love them. (Sometimes it’s waaaay deep down, but it’s still there!) That is the strength of blood ties. But what about the love you share with your soulmate?

Soulmates are intriguing beings. In most cases, you live a good part of your life not knowing of their existence, until one day circumstances bring the two of you together. Suddenly, this person becomes as important–if not more important–than the family who has been in your life since the day you opened your eyes for the first time.

As strong as the soulmate bond is, the love surrounding that bond shifts and shapes itself into different forms. In the beginning, the love you feel is so intense that sparks fly just at the thought of them. But is this really love, or is it instead passion and excitement at this new addition to your life? True love that withstands the passing of time must be calm and reliable. The sparks of new love are sporadic and almost manic–very difficult to keep at constant levels, because we are humans and it is nearly impossible to keep our emotions on the same level all throughout our lives. But in a true soulmate relationship, when the sparks die out and the flames subside, the embers still retain their heat. With some effort, the sparks will always fly again, as long as the embers are fed with care and attention.

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