Mending Broken Bonds

Mending Broken Bonds

Written by: Abeeda


How we go about communicating our grievances has a huge impact on our relationships.

Some people may choose to bury the problem and hope it miraculously disappears. But in time, the smallest of issues grow into sources of greater pain.

Others prefer to discuss every detail and speak openly about what hurt has been caused. These same people tend to want to own their shortcomings too–if they have hurt you, knowingly or unknowingly, they will knock the door in the hope of appeasing whatever has caused a turn in the tide.

And then there are those who prefer to meet you with a wall of silence; rather than speak about what has hurt them, they choose to simply cut the root of pain out of their lives, leaving matters unresolved, and allowing them to slowly corrode away at all the goodness that once was.

Healthy communication and open dialogue are so vital in any relationship. If you truly care about the people in your life, do not let misunderstandings create barriers between you.




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