Midterm Self-Care Tips [Academic]

Midterm Self-Care Tips [Academic]

  1. Sleep- While it might seem like the best solution to pull all-nighters and cram for exams, it really is not. This affects your memory, and turns what you are studying into short-term memory. Sleep is not something that can be compensated for. Plan ahead, and get your sleep.
  2. 50/10 Method- Study for 50 minutes and take a 10 minute break. If this is difficult for you, then study for 40 minutes and take a 20 minute break. Make sure you give yourself enough time to re-energize so that you can keep your focus.
  3. Eat Well-Balanced Meals- It can be easy to resort to junk food during midterms, but that should not be the case. Maintain a good diet so that you can have enough energy to get through your midterms.
  4. Limit Caffeine Intake- While it might give you the energy you need, caffeine also sends you crashing down when you least expect it. It also prevents you from getting enough rest. By limiting your caffeine, you are able to relax when you need to and keep your pace.
  5. Exercise- Walk often, go jogging, make sure you exercise when you can! By keeping healthy, you are more motivated to study and do well. This helps prevent you from feeling drained due to constantly sitting around, eating, and studying.

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