Nourishing relations

Nourishing relations

Written by: Khadeja

We live in a world of ‘now’. We can order anything and everything online and receive it within 24 hours (sometimes less). We can find any piece of information after a few minutes of searching online. Everything is at our fingertips…literally. The problem is that all the activities are done in solitude. Leading us to feel that we can handle it all on our own.

As a fiercely independent woman I can relate. I do not feel that I NEED people because I have proven to myself that I can manage just fine on my own. And sometimes it can be quite tiring to maintain relationships and friendships especially since sometimes it feels like there are no instant gains.

The reality is that the real value of friendships is only shown in times of unrest. Whether in the form of going through a pain, loss, or sadness and finding a friend by your side to see you through. Or in the form of accomplishments that are made even sweeter by sharing it with people you love.

That is why relationships need to be nourished and cared for in times of ease so that the fruits can be reaped when it counts the most. The method of investing in them will change from time to time. People are organic beings that have different needs and requirements from one day to the next.

It is very fulfilling to be independent and accomplished but at the end of the day; it’s nice to have people around to share your joy.

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