Oh, to Love

Oh, to Love

Written by: Abeeda


We should want all the forms of love that we can receive, but we are taught to believe that the only love that ever makes us worthwhile is that of a romantic partner, and that’s sad, especially for those who may never secure it.

Love is vital to a contented existence, but the love of a spouse should never blind us of all the other types of love that exist in our lives. I would love to be loved by the one whom I love, but I cannot pin my life on a hope that may never transpire.

We should never overlook the love that is consistent in our lives, the love that has been with us from the moment we took our first breath, the love that picked us up at our darkest times, the love of family and friends–each of these are gifts from Him , a sign of the most beautiful divine love.

The love of one person should be a supplement to our lives, not a lifeline; if it exceeds our love of God, then it becomes a means by which we are suffocated, unable to function without its fulfilment.

And so, let us spend our time trying to value the love that we do have, and nurturing our Love for Him.



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  1. Sherazia on September 7, 2017 at 6:06 pm

    Beautifully written with clarity. It is precise! A deep understanding of true love. Ma’shaa’Allah

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