Outside looking in: There will be roses

Outside looking in: There will be roses

Written by: Chereen


I wanted to forgive you, but I found myself trying to forget you. The very sight of you left me speechless, and your actions kept me awake at night. It was impossible to forget you until I forgave you, so I let go of my pride and forgave everything I built against you. The wall that blocked me from breathing was gone. My journey did not include you anymore. I found myself surprised one day because of how much I had forgotten you, and everything about you.

It was impossible to remember the tone of your voice, or even the shade of your eyes. I had become almost too good at forgetting you, but as a result, I reclaimed my sense of self. Forgiving you was a blessing, because it allowed me to forget you. As a result, it reminded me that there are still good people out there. There will forever be roses, even if I was pricked by a thorn once upon a time.

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