Written by: Amina

Pain – Our inevitable companion!

This feeling…

glued to us, through our journey of life.

Showing up, when barely anticipated.


You could be basking in the sunshine, soaking in the warmth of life and pain arrives; with no warning sign.

You could be tiptoe-ing gracefully through your process of healing, and pain hits; shoving you right back where you started.

You could already be scrambling out of a setback in life and once again, pain unforgivingly confronts you.

You may have just begun a new chapter, a fresh beginning, only to be welcomed by pain; shattering the dreams you safely envisioned.

You could simply be in the middle of lives’ humdrum, finishing chores, meeting deadlines and pain strikes; throwing you into an alternate harsh reality.

You could be walking steadily with caution through your journey of life; but know, that pain spares no one.

There is no escape from this feeling.


But when it’s unbearable and the going gets tough,

when you see no light ahead and all you want is to be saved.

Please remember—

The One who hears the silent crack in your heart,

the One who sees the tears that never dropped,

the One who protects and guides like no other,

the One who gently heals your sorry wounds,

the One who loves you.

No! The One who “keeps” loving you, immensely and continuously.


Dear soul in pain,

call upon Him and He will respond!


  1. Umay Asma on May 15, 2020 at 9:39 am

    Pain is unpredictable reality bt when its healer is Allah subhanallah talaa u can definatly overcome it ..Masha allah well written amina

  2. Coach Habeeb on May 15, 2020 at 9:40 am


  3. Aysha Lifam on May 15, 2020 at 2:04 pm

    The lines ; “the One who loves you, No! The One who keeps loving you ,immensely & continuously “, is exactly where my heart dropped a beat.

    How do I even describe this beautiful article ? The way it details about the uninvited guest (‘pain’ ) in all our lives , no matter what category you belong to, you’re indeed going to fall prey to it .

    But what’s so beautiful inspite of knowing the hard reality is that this article mentions the beauty of our Rabb , who’ll help us ease the pain. Therefore, not to forget the love of Allah & keep going. Subhanallah!

    Lovely ✨

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