Palate Coffee Brewery

Palate Coffee Brewery

Written by: Barah


Palate Coffee Brewery is an adorable coffee shop located in Sanford, FL. It’s located in historic downtown Sanford, on 2nd street. For deliciously well-crafted coffee with a vintage wooden setting, this is the place to be! The official grand opening of this coffee shop was September of 2016, but it’s been open prior to that date. Everything in this coffee shop is made from pallet wood; it’s aesthetically pleasing and gives the shop a vintage feel that made me fall in love with it!





Other than the fact that it’s a great place to sit and enjoy your time, Palate Coffee Brewery also donates towards a wonderful cause. All profits all go towards fighting human trafficking in south America. The owners work with a central Florida based organization called Love Missions. Everyone who works at the shop is a volunteer; yes, you read that right! They don’t get paid; they do it to be a part of something bigger. Some of them even volunteer full-time for this coffee shop. How great are these people?!




I spoke with one of the volunteers during my visit, who explained to me that they fund a safe house in Guyana to shelter victims of human trafficking and help them build themselves up again after the painful events they’ve been through. They know the people they support on a personal level and connect with them which makes a big difference. The volunteer also told me that they visit them frequently, a minimum of 5 times a year. What an inspiration!

The volunteers hope this coffee shop can be a safe place for all, no matter one’s race, religion, or gender. This coffee shop does not confine itself to one type of person, because you don’t have to be a specific type of person to help and care about others. You only have to be human.

Every cup of coffee helps, so if you’re ever in the Sanford area looking for a good cup of coffee and a great cause for your money to go to, this is the coffee shop for you!

Check out their website (X) for their menu and their mission.


Photo Credit: Barah A.

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