Q& A: Loss of a brother

Q& A: Loss of a brother

Dear Chereen,

Q: I lost my brother two weeks ago cause of an accident and I feel so bad. My heart is full of regret because of the things I didn’t do for him when I had the chance. Please help me. I don’t know what to do; I just feel regret all the time.

A: Inna lilah wa inna ilayhi rajioun–to God we belong and to Him do we all return! May God give you patience during this tough time. I want you to focus on all the good that you did, and to give your heart a break. Everything is written, so it’s important to remember that you did your best and focus on being kind to yourself. This feeling comes from missing him and wanting to have more time with him. Isn’t that the case when you love someone unconditionally? You could have all the time in the world and it still wouldn’t be enough.

Make sure to pray for him, because your entreaties will reach him. Donate on his behalf, and remember him as good in your thoughts. God willing, you will be reunited in paradise, and the love you have for one another will be everlasting.

Take it easy on yourself. Loss is not easy, but the pain becomes manageable with time. ❤️

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