Q+A: Career Change

Q+A: Career Change

Written by: Chereen

Q: You are convincing me to become a therapist! 🙂

I’m an architect though but it’s so nice seeing you help people. Kudos to you. Mashallah. Just like you I love helping people whenever I get the opportunity.

What would be your advice for someone thinking of a career change to become a therapist? Would job training help the most or would you suggest studying as well?

A: So much respect for architects! The ability to create beauty that lasts for centuries is an incredibly rewarding profession.

However, therapists are awesome and joining us is excellent. The world could always use more therapists, because there is never enough compassion and empathy to go around.

Volunteering, taking a class to get an idea, working in a place that can give you hands on experience, interning, interviewing therapists, getting a mentor, and reading about different theories are all great things to do if you’re interested in becoming a therapist. I consider this all to be research, and it should help you get an idea of whether or not this is for you.

I’m also here to answer any questions you might have, so please feel free to ask away.



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