Q+A: Expectations from god

Q+A: Expectations from god

Written by: Chereen

Q: Hi dear!

So, let me start with, it was in 1st November 2016 when my bf broke up with me and I was deeply hurt, couldn’t understand what to do. Since then, I started praying- I used to pray tahajjud as well. I always believed Allah will surely make a way out for me.

My ex came back to me and I was so happy, but it was for 10 days only. Still I didn’t lose hope in Him, in my lord. It’s been almost 2 years since my ex broke up with me. I still pray hoping that Allah will do the best for me, but sometimes ugly thoughts come to mind, thinking does Allah exists!!! Which is a great sin, my Iman is getting weaker. I don’t know what to do with that.

I always pray but sometimes these foolish thoughts come to mind. Please help me get rid of all these thoughts. I don’t even know what I’m asking you to do. I sound foolish, but I really don’t want my Iman to get weak.

Please help!!!

A: Dear friend,

So, it feels as though your expectation from praying is the possibility of reuniting with your ex. You mentioned that you didn’t lose hope in your Lord when your ex left after returning for ten days.

Who you should have lost hope in is your ex, because God was looking out for you when He took him out of your life.

When you pray, ask for peace of mind. Pray for guidance. It might be that you are asking for something particular from your Lord that isn’t good for you. You must accept that everything has its reason, even if you might not understand it. The fact that you pray means you have a closeness to God, and that closeness is a form of mercy for you.

Rather than praying for something specific, pray to be given what is best for you and to be able to happily accept it.




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