Q+A: Fear of my future

Q+A: Fear of my future

Written by: Chereen

Q: Salam Chereen.

Earlier this June, I was suffering from mild OCD and was seeing a therapist. However, I could feel it worsening hence I decided to see a doctor. Turned out that I have a hormonal imbalance in my parathyroid gland. It might take some time heal.

Currently, I just feel quite anxious about my recovery journey. I’m worried as to how my future will be like.

Any advice for me?

Thank you ❤️

A: Wsalam dear.

OCD + Anxiety are two very challenging disorders to deal with. I would suggest continuing with a therapist to help alleviate symptoms. Anxiety is fear of the unknown. Look at continuing with the therapist while also getting treated by your doctor as necessary self-care.

Try your best to focus on the present, because the present is all any of us are guaranteed. Go out of your way to take care of yourself, because you deserve it. Be gentle on your soul, and always remember the importance of taking deep breaths. It helps to remind yourself that you’re in the present.

Talk yourself through it when you feel anxious or caught in the future. Be kind to yourself, because you’re in need of you. Meeting with your therapist weekly will help you, so try your best to continue with it.

I wish you well.


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