Q+A: “First Love”

Q+A: “First Love”

Written by: Chereen

Q: There’s this guy, yes, it’s a guy problem xD.

At the beginning of knowing each other it was like verified that we saw each other as just good friends, but over time, somehow, someway, we apparently started to feel something between us. He’s into memes and is the most lovable and cheerful guy ever known.

He’s never been in a relationship and isn’t at all into love, but I somehow became his first love. We got together, and it was all love and adoration for the first week, later though it’s like his love from me evaporated into thin air or something.

He just ended up treating me more like his friend. And I couldn’t be with a guy who makes zero effort, he doesn’t even text me cause he’s too busy either sleeping or playing his games. So, I broke up and he doesn’t talk to me anymore, and he isn’t the guy who goes around being sad, so it seems as if I wasn’t even his “first love”.

I don’t know, I sometimes regret making that decision because no one’s relationship’s perfect, I could have stayed and somewhat tried to make it work instead of giving up. Sometimes missing him comes in huge waves and engulfs me entirely, I don’t know what to do.

A: Although he likes memes, it doesn’t sound like he’s right for you.

That, and a relationship just doesn’t sound like a big deal to him. Do you think that he might be immature? Because it sounds like he might be a bit young mentally and emotionally. If you did stay, then he’d continue to sleep and play video games because those are his priorities in life right now.

It seems like you just miss having someone around, and that’s absolutely okay. However, it might be time for you to focus on your other friendships and make them more meaningful. I know that you’re hurting but going back isn’t going to relieve the pain. What will heal you is getting through the heartache (too early to be considered heartbreak) by confronting and accepting your emotions.

Also, now is the perfect time to work on that relationship with yourself. The right person will come in due time. Next time though, you should aim for it to be mature and long lasting.


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