Q+A: Heart Attached

Q+A: Heart Attached

Written by: Chereen

Dear Chereen,

How to let go of someone that is not written for you? My heart is still attached to them.



Dear Friend,

Getting someone out of your system when it’s all said and done is no easy task. It’s as if they’ve entered your bloodstream and time can only fully flush them out. So go easy on yourself, let yourself heal at a steady pace. It’s a shock to your heart because it’s a form of grief, and it’s a loss that you’re adapting to so you have to take it easy on yourself.

Acknowledge the small accomplishments. Focus on yourself, your relationship with God, and push yourself to be present. None of this quickly comes but with time it becomes more of a routine.

Let your heart adjust, but do your best to take small steps forward. I want you to know that the right person will come to you when your heart is ready. But right now, the person your heart needs the most is you. ❤️



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