Q+A: Lacking Motivation

Q+A: Lacking Motivation

Q: Assalam walaikum Chereen. I hope you are doing well. How can I stay motivated when things are not going good and I have no one to share my troubles with?

A: Wa alaykum assalam dear, It can be a very difficult feeling to feel alone during a tough time in your life. If you feel like the best thing to do is to let it out, then it would really help to get a journal. It’ll help you express your thoughts and focus on your emotions. Sometimes writing it out releases the stress of keeping it bottled in, because that can get so frustrating.

When things are tough then you have to work extra hard to inspire yourself. This is how you obtain strength and really develop a firmer sense of self. If you made it through the tough times and succeeded in accomplishing your goals, then you can make it through anything. Everything happens for a reason. Although you can’t control circumstances, you can grow from them and become absolutely amazing.

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