Q+A: Letting go with no closure

Q+A: Letting go with no closure

Written by:Chereen

Q: Dear Chereen, How do you let go when you have not received closure?

A: When you say receive, I perceive that the closure is meant to be given to you by someone else. In reality, I have learned that closure is given to you by none other than your own self. Closure can be quick depending upon how much you care, but it’s also something that requires a conscious effort and dedication on your behalf.

If you want closure, you have to do your best to work for it. Closure requires focusing on the present and looking forward to the future. It also means that you’ve accepted what happened as part of the past, and you’re doing your best to let go for the sake of your happiness. It helps to renew your intentions in the morning and at night. Think of it as a journey and not a destination. Allow it to be a journey you look forward to. Sometimes the first part of the journey is changing the lock and no longer allowing someone that is unwelcome into your heart. From that point, you’re allowed to look forward and embrace your journey. I’m not saying it’ll be easy but it’ll definitely be worth it.

If you feel like you’re struggling, I recommend seeing a therapist to help you process your emotions and become more present. It’ll make it easier for you to obtain your closure when you have that support. I wish you well. ??

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