Q+A: Low self-esteem & confidence

Q+A: Low self-esteem & confidence

Written  by: Chereen

Q: This is for my friend. She has a very low self-esteem and confidence due to acne problems. I keep telling her there’s more to it than acne and now it has become a point where she doesn’t like to go outside and have fun like she used to. How do I help her?

A: You’re a wonderful friend, and I’m sure your friend really values your presence in her life.

This reminds me of myself. When I was a sophomore in undergrad, I went from having clear skin all my life to having bad breakouts that made me feel incredibly insecure. It was very hard to process and there were days where I wouldn’t want to leave the house unless it was to go to class.

It’s not something you can necessarily talk a person out of because your face is what people focus on the most. Rather than telling her that, just listen to what she has to say. If she doesn’t want to go out, visit her more often.

Has she gone to a dermatologist? That would be incredibly helpful because then she can start a treatment that will give her good hope and something to look forward to. Have you suggested that? Maybe you can even take her with her consent.

Aside from doing this, be patient with her and give her your shoulder. Be supportive and listen to her. She’ll genuinely appreciate it.

Acne is a big deal. It can be emotionally trying and really affect your self-confidence. In hopes that the acne will become a tri of the past, sometimes all you can do is be understanding and kind. ❤️


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