Q+A: Mother in law woes

Q+A: Mother in law woes

Written by: Chereen

Q: Dear Chereen,

I am suffering from a depression coming from my future mother in law, a third party said bad things to her about me; and now she is a bit against me.

I love her and my future family, my husband to be supports me Alhamdulillah. He knows those are lies but I am so sad, how can i make my mother in law’s heart melt towards me?

Please answer soon.

A: My dear, take it easy on yourself ❤️

Just go out of your way to be kind to her for the sake of God, and have your fiancé speak to her when the time feels right.

Don’t tire of being nice and always remember your intention. Your actions should vouch for you.

It might take some time for her to understand that the words weren’t true. Even though you want immediate results you have to give it time.

Stay true to who you are and remember daily why you’re going out of your way to be extra kind.

InshaAllah in due time the truth will come out. ❤️

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