Q+A: Moving on

Q+A: Moving on

Written by: Chereen

Dear Chereen,

I’ve been separated two years now from my husband. Well, June will be two years, but I can’t seem to move on. He has moved on, but I still spy and want to know what he’s up to and hope he will come back one day. How do I let go and move on? I’ve gained 30 lbs and my life has been downhill since he left me. Please help! Thank you.



Dear Friend,

The most important factor in moving forward and being able to let go is through obtaining closure. It seems that you have had a hard time accepting the outcome, and you are struggling to close this chapter in your life. I can tell that you really loved him and it’s hard on you to want to move forward without him.

Have you considered seeing a counselor to help you through the grief of ending a relationship? Closure will not come from him, it must come from within. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having someone help you along the way. It could even be a life coach that helps you stay present and work towards moving forward.

You don’t have to do this alone. Having someone help you along the way will ensure you to continue to progress and grow. It’s time for you to breathe clearly and take small steps forward. You deserve to be happy, my dear.

Please message me and my team and I can assist you with resources. I wish you well.




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  1. Noor on January 26, 2019 at 11:12 pm

    I think you should plan a vacation. (If you can, of course). Planning a trip will get your mind off of him and will redirect your thoughts elsewhere. Getting out of the place you are in currently will be good for you. Travel alone to someplace safe or go with one of your friends as a girls getaway! It would be so much fun to sightsee and eat different foods, you would not even think of him because you are having so much fun. If you can’t go anywhere, even just planning an imaginary trip and making up an itinerary would be amazing and something you can do someday i’A!

    Keep your mind busy, take a local class in something that interests you. A new hobby that you always were interested in would be great.

    Good luck with it all, it will take time but being content will happen eventually.

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