Q+A: Overwhelmed by new school

Q+A: Overwhelmed by new school

Written by: Chereen

Q: Hello.

I just moved to a completely new school and left all my friends behind. I’ve been at my new school for two days and I’ve made a lot of Muslim friends; which I’m happy with.

I thought my problem with moving would come from being lonely but it’s the complete opposite. I’m scared of the school work. I feel this loneliness in my heart and I’m really stressed because my new school is so much different than my old one. I overthink everything and I have no idea how to stop it. I wanted to start mediation but I have no idea if it’ll help. I just feel like I’m stupid and can’t handle the school work that’s coming my way. Especially since my new school is taking midterms for every class and I have to take them just so they can see where I’m at (it won’t be graded, thank goodness).

I’ve been overthinking it and I just want to stop. Could you give me advice on how to stop overthinking and worrying about everything?

Your account is amazing.

A: To sum it up, you sound incredibly overwhelmed. Change can be a lot to take in, and it seems that there are multiple changes that have come with starting at a new school.

Mediation will definitely help, especially if you’re open with your counselor the way you are now. It seems that you need direction and help with planning ahead, so that you’re in control of your schedule and studying.

Take it one step at a time. Communicate with your teachers and ask them to help you with study techniques so you can improve. Do your classmates have study group sessions? If they do, join them. Do you have a planner? Use it daily. Are you planning and making time for each class? Make sure to study ahead of time so that you’re not leaving it all to the last minute.

Don’t ever think you’re not smart enough, because you have to have a growth mindset to succeed. You can make the highest grades and you can become anything you put your mind to.

The opportunities are limitless when you believe it. ❤️

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