Q+A: Two girls?

Q+A: Two girls?

Written by: Chereen

Q: I like two girls who I’d love to marry. What do I do? I need to decide on one, but both are sweet. They’re both recommended through family…so I’m not wrong …but just conflicted.

A: Take some time away from both and pray istikhara until your heart can sincerely guide you. You really don’t know a person until you live with them, so in doing istikhara you’ll hopefully get an answer as to who is best for you.

I also suggest asking them a set of serious questions each. You also must have a list of things you really want in a wife, things you cannot let go of, and things that you do not want. Please be realistic about it while creating this list.

There can be a spark in the beginning, but what you need to find out is if there is chemistry developing between you and one of them. You might like both in the beginning, only to find that you like one and not the other as you get to know their personalities. You might not even marry either.

I do suggest getting to know them one at a time, because it just doesn’t seem right to court two girls at once. Take your time, this is a lifelong commitment that shouldn’t be rushed.


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