Ramadan Challenge: Chapter #12 – Being Grateful

Ramadan Challenge: Chapter #12 – Being Grateful

Written by: Barah

“And if We give man a taste of mercy from Us and then We withdraw it from him, indeed, he is despairing and ungrateful.” [11:9][Sahih International]

This verse makes such an important point. We tend to get upset or annoyed when things don’t go our way. We tend to complain and ask God, “Why? Why me?” when bad things happen to us. We tend to be unappreciative when one thing we want doesn’t happen.

It’s as if we forget all the good things we have and all the great things God has done for us. In difficult times, we can only focus on the one thing that didn’t happen or the few bad things that happened to us. We become ungrateful when in reality these are the best times to remember everything God has bestowed up on us. We must remember to always be grateful. Not just when things are going right, and God is giving us everything. We should remember to be grateful when the going gets tough as well. I pray that God gives us the strength to always be thankful and grateful to Him for everything.

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