Ramadan Challenge: Chapter #3 – Kindness and Forgiveness

Ramadan Challenge: Chapter #3 – Kindness and Forgiveness

Written by: Barah

“Kind speech and forgiveness are better than charity followed by injury. And God is free of need and forbearing.” [2:263] [Sahih International]

I love this verse so very much. It describes being kind and forgiving with no strings attached–doing good without gloating about it and letting the whole world know that you did this good thing for someone.

How could you make someone feel bad for accepting kindness from you? How is it that you could point out to someone that you forgave them, and keep reminding them of it? That’s nothing but selfishness and a way to feed your own ego.

This verse specifically points out that being kind and forgiving is so much better than being charitable and reminding those who received it that you gave this to them. God doesn’t need anyone’s charity, for He is sufficient on His own. If we are kind or forgiving or charitable, we should be so for God’s sake, so God can then reciprocate these acts to us when we need them.

In the end, we should all learn to do things for the sake of God.

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