Ramadan Challenge: Chapter #7 – Shortcomings

Ramadan Challenge: Chapter #7 – Shortcomings

Written by: Barah

O you who have believed, upon you is [responsibility for] yourselves. Those who have gone astray will not harm you when you have been guided. To God is your return all together; then He will inform you of what you used to do.” [5:105][Sahih International]

I love this verse because it’s basically telling us to focus on ourselves and our shortcomings instead of going after others and their faults. We aren’t perfect–no one is–which means we should try to work on ourselves and learn how to be better, and how to do better.

This verse is in no way telling us to only care for one’s self, but rather that once you’ve done your part for someone by giving naseeha (advice) and/or making dua (supplication) for them, let it go. We have free will, meaning people can do as they please and neither you nor anyone else has the power to change what someone decides to do. As this verse clearly explains, those who are going astray will not harm us when we are doing what’s right. In the end, we will all return to God, and He alone will judge us and tell us what we did.


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