Written by: Khadeja

One of the things I often reflect about is my reaction. Specifically my negative reactions….a.k.a when people get on my nerves. I’m not one to lash out during these occasions – although sometimes I wish I had it in me, I blame my parents for bringing me up so well – but I will internalize it and let it fester and bubble for a while.

Lately though I have been trying to dissect and understand the root of my annoyance; and I have concluded that most of the times it is coming from a place of low self-confidence and a place of doubt. Doubt in my abilities, intelligence, and lack of conviction in my personal values. It’s those situations that make you realize how unstable the base you have built really is despite your assumption that it is built from bedrock.

Most people will prescribe “building a thick skin ” when it comes to dealing with criticism/difficult, debates, or arguments. But the true cure is looking inwards, building up your self-esteem, and learning more about what you stand for.

After all, if you truly believe in something then you shouldn’t even flinch when a person is trying to convince you otherwise.


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