Written by: Abeeda


Your default setting has always been to ensure that others are happy; never failing to check-in, never failing to recall the little details, and always giving.

It begins to hurt.

Your life is just as busy as anyone else’s, your days are filled with their own endless worries, and you are in as much need of comfort as those whom you continuously care for; but the comfort, it never seems to come.

And so the hurt grows.

You begin to close off, testing whether anyone will reach out and offer you light to guide you through the darkness.

They do.

But the problem is, your vision was fixated on a chosen few, the very ones who were never meant to help you heal. They were the ones that were sent to teach you that, no matter what you give, for some, it is never enough.

Your sorrow overwhelms you, and it is then that you feel the tender touch of the sincere souls who never left your side; reawakening your heart to the goodness you have always deserved.



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