Redefining Strength

Redefining Strength

Written by: Chereen

There is that moment, or maybe it’s a plethora of moments, that left you wanting to let go because you had little to no energy to fight for yourself and see another day.

Because your days felt like nightmares, and your nights felt like screams of darkness. Adversity is difficult, and this trial was leaving you emotionally sore.

But just when everything was whispering to you to let go, that mind in your heart was begging you to hold on. To hold onto what? To hold onto another day, or maybe to who you are, or possibly to not let go of what you’ve worked so hard for. Even though the easy thing to do would be to simply say no more.

So you hold on. And you surprise yourself because you did not let go when the tides were pushing you so strongly. You feel exhausted and worn out. Your energy is thin and your heart needs so much rest. But you know something? This is the epitome of strength.

To hold on when all you want to do is let go, because you have faith that it is worth it. By that, you could not be more sure.

Some might say that strength is in your emotions, but there’s strength in crying when your heart is overflowing and feeling sore. There’s strength in expressing the deepest emotions, in admitting you’re not okay when life is getting too difficult to handle. Strength is not by hiding how you feel or acting like you’re not phased. Those feelings come out later, and they’re a lot more powerful then to control.

Strength is in being aware of your emotions and letting the tears flow just enough so you can breathe once more. But most importantly, strength comes from holding on when all you want to do is simply let go.



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