Relief through God’s promises

Relief through God’s promises

Written by: Zeina


I have always been a huge mess. I struggle to get my thoughts going in one direction, and once they do start, they don’t stop for anything or anyone, until the remembrance of God sets in. I remember that there is a plan for me, and, although holding in the tension and the worry feels like holding my breath, God reminds me that the time to exhale comes, and with it relief and a bit of comfort.

These days I am lucky. I am able to go through my day feeling good. I may even feel guilty for feeling so great.

Everything will be okay.

It will all sort itself out, don’t worry

I repeat these thoughts to myself on good days. Now I am generous with my love, I am giving and planting hope, and I am spreading this goodness with every step I take. I credit God with these blessings of course, because it was only through His remembrance that I have been able to feel so good.

Remembering God is an escape. From this life, from the pressures and expectations, of mine and others. God promises us that He has got our back. The hardest part was always trusting this process and the plan. Doubt is easy, it comes on fast, and at some point it lives within us. It takes a permanent place in our minds, and creeps up often to make us feel like we are not worthy of God’s promises, of His love for us to be happy. It takes work–grueling, gut wrenching, heart-piercing work –to find peace in our hearts and minds, but I am content knowing that it has always brought me back to my best moments and will continue to do so, God willing.


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