Written by Abeeda Khatoon

Human resilience is an incredible thing.

Each day, in reality, is paved with uncertainty, but our instincts cling to that which brings us a sense of hope.


For some, this hope exists in the routines they have come to know and depend upon; the simple acts that bring stability to our day.


For others, the excitement of uncertainty is what brings joy; it empowers us to always seek to make the most of every moment we have in our hands.


When I reflect upon my faith, it draws these two concepts so neatly together: our daily rituals of worship keep our hearts anchored to God, so that we may face the uncertainty of the day ahead; fully assured by the Certainty of His Presence. It is our hope in Him that inspires us to ensure that we make each day a means of finding the light, even when we feel ourselves falling into darkness. So even when we are breaking inside, we meet people with love and kindness because we know, every moment is precious.


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