Seeking Tawakkul

Seeking Tawakkul

Written by: Abeeda

There will be people who walk out of our lives with no explanation, no reason–just a stone wall of silence lingering where their presence once was. There will be some of us who have our good natures abused by the manipulation of others, and have been left questioning how we may have brought it upon ourselves.

So we begin our pursuit of answers and explanations to set our minds at peace, to let our souls find rest, to gain some form of closure as to why we have come to find ourselves in this state.

Understanding the limitations of our minds and what they can hold is a huge part of our daily battles. There is knowledge we can learn, thereby enhancing our wisdom, but there are many things that will remain out with the scope of our intellect.

Life seems to be a fine balance between accepting the unknown and realizing the truth of our realities, and it is within this balance that our trust in God surfaces.

For us to expect to have all the answers is an oversight of our intrinsic limitations. He intentionally brings understanding at moments and times that are best for our overall state.

We frantically seek out answers because we feel they will cause our pain and anxiety to disappear. It is of His own Promise that He blesses us, not only through giving, but through His withholding too.

His wisdom encompasses every aspect of our lives and our acceptance of knowing, or the lack thereof, is our first steps towards attaining tawakkul, a bond of trust between Him and us.



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