Written by: Khadeja

The greatest work we can do is towards improving ourselves.

It is quite the fashionable endeavor nowadays so really there is no excuse as we are surrounded by a multitude of resources.

On the path of self-development, it is quite common to go through the “high horse” field…. that time when you are just developing your self-awareness and getting the hang of self-analysis. Then suddenly everyone else’s issues become crystal clear to you. ESPECIALLY with loved ones. You suddenly feel like you need to fix everyone else…the intention is good as you just want them to rise with you towards becoming a better person.

The only issue is you can’t take someone on a flight if they don’t even want to get to the airport. Would the world be a better place if everyone worked on improving themselves? Yes.

But everyone is living at their own pace and growing at their own pace.
My advice? Love yourself, work on yourself to your heart’s desire…rise but instead of flying in a commercial plane filled with unwilling grumpy passengers, stick to flying solo for a while.


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