Simple Joy, Simple Life

Simple Joy, Simple Life

Written by: Marissa


The digital age of social media has burdened our lives with constant comparison. The continuous bombardment of online stimulus easily becomes overwhelming. Some of us fall into the trap of attempting to “measure up” to our peers. We become ashamed of our own circumstance, becoming fogged by the absence of gratitude surrounding our own life. Persuaded by this augmented reality, we fail to acknowledge how easy it is to (digitally) create a façade of happiness. In the end, our screens do not showcase our lives; that is in the hands of our living moral character.

Be mindful — life is simple.

We are blessed with enough to give us genuine, everyday fulfillment. We wake up everyday to a bountiful earth. Our earthly journey is readily accompanied by our beautiful body. Our beautiful body gives us the ability to move, touch, speak, and connect with others. Connection is one of the most fulfilling attributes of being human. How warm does it feel to make someone laugh? To hold someone’s hand when they cry? To actively give a listening ear to someone hurting? Social media cannot replicate the essence of human connection. Being present to our simple joys is a true gift.

The best part? As humans, we all are capable of experiencing and giving joy.  All of us can find simple joys in simply “being” present.

There is no secret language to being present or finding your own happiness. Finding simple joys means being grateful for everything in your path. Everyone finds joy along different avenues. We would not be considered “individualistic” if we shared the same happiness. Your life journey is your life story. A timeline, newsfeed, or snapshot does not project who you are and define intimate relationships. Remind yourself of this next time comparison begins to take up unneeded space.

While perusing social media, take a moment to be mindful of your simple joys. Remind yourself happiness lies in the everyday experience of life. Make it a mission to create meaningful, long term relationships. These relationships will fill your soul in larger quantities compared to numerous photo “likes.” Take these joys and make it the focus of your day. You will find life to be simpler, lighter and ultimately your own.

Be mindful – life is simple.

©  Marissa Ranahan 2017  – all rights reserved.

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