Slow down

Slow down

Written by: Amina 


Tell me!

When there is a pause, you choose to rush.

When time itself has slowed down, you wish to hurry up.

When the universe has taken to a gentle pace, you want to run a mad race.


Is the world telling you that slowing down is being unproductive?

Is the world scolding you, for taking time to slowly exhale the years of exhaustion?

Is the world forcing upon you the notion that every free minute must be filled?

Is it chiding you for the hours you’ve let pass, without a skill developed or a challenge taken up?

Is the world now laboring to set new quarantine goals for you?

Is it making you feel guilty when you choose to do just nothing?

Is it taunting you because you decided to – just be?

It is blaming you for doing less?


My dear, it’s okay to slow down. There’s more to life than speeding up. Chasing deadlines or living in a break-free zone is not a sign of efficiency. Life does not have to be crazy fast, like it is today.

If the slow lane appeals to you, then so be it. You can choose to embrace quality over quantity. You are allowed to set your own timeline. You are allowed to live a slow life. You are allowed to live a simple life.


And so, the next time you spend half an hour watching the clouds glide in the sky, please don’t feel guilty. If tomorrow you decide on a slow walk on the sidewalk, please don’t feel guilty. If sometimes you take an extra five minutes to enjoy your coffee, please don’t feel guilty.


Remember, a slow pace is not a sad pace.




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  1. Aysha Lifam on May 20, 2020 at 4:14 pm

    Spot On ?

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