Stand Strong Again

Stand Strong Again

Written by: Abeeda


It’s hard to accept the constant uphill battle. You spend your days and nights seeking to be good, excelling in your service towards God and those around you. Yet you find that no matter how hard you work, you are faced with hurdle after hurdle.

The constant ebb and flow, and the struggle to keep your head above water, weighs you down. You feel heavy, sinking into the darkness, not willing to emerge to face another day.

I know it’s hard. I know that your soul is weary, but I also know that you will get through this. You will emerge from the abyss that seems never-ending and you will see the beauty and the light that lies in front of you. All I need you to do is keep taking steps forward, no matter how small, no matter how few–edge forward with all your strength. You will stand again, tall and strong, looking back on all that has passed, feeling a sense of achievement for having defeated the demons that tried to destroy your beautiful soul.



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